Barzso Playsets, Inc
Remember the feeling you had as a kid when you received a playset for a present?

Looking at the box, opening those little bags that contained treasures never before seen, setting up for the first time... Well, now you can recapture those feelings with a brand new playset from BARZSO PLAYSETS!

Please note: Barzso figures, buildings, and accessories are in 54mm scale.


Our Guarantee
I have tried to make all BARZSO PLAYSETS, Inc. products to a high standard of quality. I want to give the collector that wonderful feeling of opening up a brand new toy for the first time. If you are in any way disappointed with a BARZSO PLAYSETS, Inc. product, simply return it within 1 year for a complete refund. If you find any part broken or defective, return it for a new one. - Ron Barzso
"Battle of Yorktown: Attack on Redoubt #10" Playset
Available Fall of 2018
Aug. 23, 2018 Update -

If you have pre-ordered the Yorktown set, Now is the time to call Ron at 630-690-7608 with your payment information and shipping address.

Sorry, no more pre-orders accepted. There will be some sets for sale at the Chicago Toy Soldier Show starting at 5 pm
Friday, Sept. 21. Phone orders will also be taken at that time.

Barzso Playsets is teaming up with LOD Enterprises to produce this new playset. While contents are not completely finalized, here is what you can expect.
  • 48 British Soldiers - Regulars and Light Infantry
  • 48 Continental Soldiers - Regular and Light Infantry
  • 2 Character figures: George Washington touching off the first shot to open the seige of Yorktown and Alexander Hamilton, leading the charge on Redoubt #10
  • Redoubt #10
  • Cannon, mortars
  • Many other accessories